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Waterdog Kiln Fired Drinkware

Club Lab Glassware

We hand decorate these pure, hard and clear crystal glasses with our swimming "water dog", perfect for outfitting your own Club Lab™. We offer two sizes of wine goblets, a classic cocktail/ "Martini" glass, a 12.75 oz double old fashioned, an elegant Pilsner and NEW a champagne flute. The crystal's deep and brilliant luster will remind you of a diamond. The kiln fired "paddling" dog will make you smile.


Swimming Dog DOF Glass

Swimming Dog Pilsner

Swimming Dog Stemless Wine

Swimming Dog White Wine

Swimming Dog Red Wine



Set of 4 12.75 oz DOF Glasses $60.00


Replacement 12.75 oz DOF Glass $18.00




Set of 4 Pilsner Glasses $60.00



Replacement Pilsner Glass $18.00



Set of 4 17 oz Stemless Goblets $60.00

Replacement 17 oz Stemless Goblet $18.00


Set of 6 17.3 oz Goblets $139.00



Replacement 17.3 oz Goblet $25.00




Set of 6 24.7 oz Goblets $139.00


replacement 24.7 oz Goblet $25.00



Set of 4 Champagne Flutes $60.00


Replacement Champagne Flute $18.00   



Set of 4 Martini/Cocktail Glasses $60.00


Replacement Martini/Cocktail Glass $18.00

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