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Waterdog Kiln Fired Drinkware

Club Lab Waterdog Glassware

We hand decorate these pure, hard and clear crystal glasses with our swimming "water dog", perfect for outfitting your own Club Lab™. We offer two sizes of wine goblets, a classic cocktail/ "Martini" glass, a 12.75 oz double old fashioned, an elegant Pilsner and NEW a champagne flute. The crystal's deep and brilliant luster will remind you of a diamond. The kiln fired "paddling" dog will make you smile.


Swimming Dog DOF Glass

Swimming Dog Pilsner

Swimming Dog Stemless Wine

Swimming Dog White Wine

Swimming Dog Red Wine

Waterdog Champagne Flute

Waterdog Cocktail Glass



Set of 4 12.75 oz DOF Glasses $60.00


Replacement 12.75 oz DOF Glass $18.00




Set of 4 Pilsner Glasses $60.00



Replacement Pilsner Glass $18.00



Set of 4 17 oz Stemless Goblets $60.00

Replacement 17 oz Stemless Goblet $18.00


Set of 6 17.3 oz Goblets $139.00



Replacement 17.3 oz Goblet $25.00




Set of 6 24.7 oz Goblets $139.00


replacement 24.7 oz Goblet $25.00



Set of 4 Champagne Flutes $60.00


Replacement Champagne Flute $18.00   



Set of 4 Martini/Cocktail Glasses $60.00


Replacement Martini/Cocktail Glass $18.00

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